Crooked Fence Ranch is located in the sandy soil of Northeast South Dakota.

We started out with a 4H and FFA flock of Suffolks, but mom soon realized that she really liked the niche of a wool breed and have since been moving toward the California Red Sheep.

What are California Reds? 

They are amazing! (At least to me.)  California Reds are a red-headed medium sized breed that is dual purpose. They have a fine yet lofty warm wool with a tender and tasty meat. At any given time we can have a starter flock put together for you depending on if you are interested in the spinning or wool niche of the Reds or a starter flock more focused on the meat side of life. And yes, the meat is very tasty!

Along with live animals, we have hides available at any given time that are tanned and soooo amazing. These can be used any way you can imagine. We will also have washed and carded cloud for all of you spinners that like the start to finish approach, with information about the sheep the wool comes from (yes most of them have names, and nice names to boot!)

The others aspect of our little ranch is a variety of New Zealand pig, a Kunekune. We are actually using these as a way to keep our freezer full but we will also sell as a pet. Kunekune tend to stay under 300 pounds and are a more of a non-grain fed animal. They do much better on squash, veggies and fruit. Grain just makes them fatty and hard to move around as well as not as tasty.

As I have stated some use them as pets and we are ok with that if that is your preference. Just know we are raising them in a natural way, with more veggies and fruits than grain for their diet. (P.S. They are great weed control and do very little rooting!!!)

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to place an order!  Have a wonderful Day!!