Social Distancing on the Farm

During these uncertain and somewhat stressful moments of 2020 (thanks covid-19) I just wanted to touch base and let everyone know what is happening out in the land of always social distancing.  Just kidding.  But really farm life is basically just that.  My hubby and I worked all day -- mostly apart but also together -- to try to get things done on the farm.  Cleaning up after winter and her mostly strange humor.  Trees to be cleared up and piled, veggies to be planted -- always things to do.

Truly I hope we all take away from this moment in what will be interesting history, the ability to stop and just breathe.  For life will continue on and we will go forward to another day.

At the home front the lambs are fattening, the pigs are loving the spring days and the wonderful exercise that they are getting and the beef animals are really happy to see us at chore time.  Spring is a wonderful time.

On that note keep in mind that we will have some very tasty and clean grown lamb, pork and beef soon for you to enjoy if you so chose.  Also the vegetables are being planted and the flowers and fruits to be enjoyed as well.  Stay tuned more to follow.

Remember, he is in control.  Blessings and peace.